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Important question, but NO.
Most projects will be served for the Western European markets, but we also do East European Marketing. Please feel free to contact us. Through collaborations we are able to promote your music in North America as well.
We have many different partnerships with professional promoters, so we are able to promote any kind of genre.
Press, TV, Radio, Online, Club, Spotify / Soundcloud-Campaigns & Social Media (Social Media is bookable on a monthly base).
Yes, for instance global stars like Alan Walker, highclass performers like the London Philharmonic Orchestra, national German stars like Konstantin Wecker or many more. We also work with newcomers if the quality is good, so please contact us.
Sure! We will find the right one for you.
No. But if you gain for tour support / buy-on tours, write us an e-mail. Maybe we can help.
No, never! For every new project we tailor an individual strategy, which fits most for the artist. We want you to be successful.
Yes, besides the main national sales charts you can see in the counter above, we count nearly every week in different club charts and our projects charting steadily in the Airplay Charts and Airplay Trend Charts.
Is your music strong enough, then we are happy to listen to!
Yes, maybe, we own two labels, and depending on the marketing / PR package, we can discuss details.
We always do 100% cash in advance for all of our services.
No. We also have clients coming from other branches.