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Important question, but NO.
Yes of course. We tailor a campaign based on your goals and budget and gain new viewers (hopefully also more likes and subscribers). As it is all without any bot, we cannot name figures of reach. We guarantee to work as good as possible and work with biggest efforts for you. We work with AD budgets and tailor your campaign based on what you gain for and what your brand is able to reach. The stats will tell the naked truth then.
Most projects will be served for the Western European markets, but we also do East European Marketing. Please feel free to contact us. Through collaborations we are able to promote your music in North America as well.
We have many different partnerships with professional promoters, so we are able to promote any kind of genre.
PR: Press, TV, Radio, Online, Club
Marketing: YouTube, Social Media Marketing.
Streaming: In case you book a campaign, we can place your music on userlists in our portfolio which are run by ArtistMS and fit to your music.
You cannot do the buy-on thing with us, our mood lists are pure bonus when you book ArtistMS services.
Of course we can also be your marketing consultant. We charge on an hourly base and rate.
Alan Walker, Amaral, Ahrix, Beth Hart, Bayrische Philharmoniker, Konstantin Wecker, K-391, Ulf Nilsson, Linda Varg, DJ Tungevaag, Senguri, Julie Bergan, Mangoo, Hannes Wader, Roger Stein, Lucy van Kuhl, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Safura, Sarah Straub, Anyone´s Daughter, Brunhilde, Morgan Finlay, Destination Anywhere, Aera Tiret, Wunschlos, Milian Otto, Austin Gold, Adam Leon, Tyra, Cynthia Nickschas, Frantic, Imbibe, Karma To Burn, Delinquent Habits, Mumiy Troll, Sameday Records, Sven Völpel, Toni Kater and many more…

Back in the days, Michael Schurr (founder of ArtistMS in 2007) started with bookings & managements of bands as well as he promoted and organised local shows/events from 1998 on with of a bunch of good names (mainly from Germany):

Donots, Fiddlers Green, Liquido, Flyswatter, Bloodflowerz, The More I See, Panta Rei, Big Jim, Bananafishbones, Glow, Baken Beans, In A Million and many more.
Sure! We will find the right one for you.
No. But if you gain for tour support / buy-on tours, write us an e-mail. Maybe we can help.
No, never! For every new project we tailor an individual strategy, which fits most for the artist. We want you to be successful.
Yes, besides the main national sales charts you can see in the counter above, we count nearly every week in different club charts and our projects charting steadily in the Airplay Charts and Airplay Trend Charts.
Is your music strong enough, then we are happy to listen to!
Yes, maybe, we own two labels, and depending on the marketing / PR package, we can discuss details.
We always do 100% cash in advance for all of our services.
No. We also have clients coming from other branches.